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Beatriz Fidelis

'Synergy for me is like a second home. Not only because of the space with bean bags, sofas, reading area, TV and a kitchen for leisurely moments, but mainly because of the people who are part of what can almost be considered a family. I especially like the lunches, when we can all take our minds out of work and have a moment of relaxation, I think that's quite special. Also, the large windows and open space gives us the feeling of freedom and contact with nature, even during working hours. I really like Synergy. The Freelas event, which they do every month, is very interesting and helps people like me, who are freelancers and face similar problems. All in a very collaborative way, with a debate in which everyone has an equal voice. That's it. At Synergy you feel like you're part of it. It makes you feel like it is a natural extension of your home, everyone together and helping each other.'
Beatriz Maya – Marketing

'Synergy is, without a doubt, the best coworking space I've ever been in. Clean, organized and quite open, which makes it easy and pleasant to walk around the space. In addition, Inês and Helder make you feel at home, as part of a family. They are super friendly and welcoming, which makes the whole experience unique. In addition, the spirit of mutual help is fantastic, with professionals from various areas facilitating a learning exchange out of the ordinary.
Additionally, Freelas is a really well thought out and organized event. It makes people feel free to talk, and exchange experiences and frustrations they feel about the freelancing life.'

Diogo Mattos –Marketing

'Synergy is the best coworking space in Porto. In addition to the pleasant environment, with great lighting, lots of natural light, and amazing décor, I felt very comfortable at Synergy from the very first day I was there at the Freelas event. Inês, Helder and Sandra know very well to welcome people in a genuinely pleasant and welcoming way.'
Eduardo Almeida – Gastronomy Photography – Eduardo Almeida Photography

'At Synergy I found much more than an excellent workspace, I found a group of people who make you feel welcomed and that you belong, and who cultivate a true sense of community. It is a place where everyone has a genuine concern for each other, always willing to exchange and help. There I found an environment that greatly improved my productivity, where I felt super at ease and where I loved to go every day. In addition to the day-to-day work, friends, good company lunches, networking events (Freelas and Fishtank) and the relaxed atmosphere, Synergy always seeks to improve itself, making it the best coworking experience.'
Elisa Sampaio – Graphic Design – Hyfen Design

'Synergy has been a game changer in my life.
Being surrounded by people who want to leave the world a better place is very inspiring!
An environment that awakens creativity, collaboration and motivates you daily!
The events are fantastic, full of mutual help and insights! I've partnered several times with people I've met there.
I highly recommend it! I'm sure Synergy will be an unforgettable experience for those who want t
o venture there!
Mariana Freitas – Marketing – Good Enough Marketing

Mariana Massessini

'Synergy was the first coworking space I used in Porto and from day one I felt super welcomed by everyone, I really felt at home! You know that feeling of meeting old friends? That's what I felt! The environment is super nice to work with and inspires your 'freelas' side! Speaking of Freelas… this event won my heart! I'm usually a bit shy to interact at some events, but that never happened there! I love the way the event is organized and how they thought about making it as fun as possible without losing the purpose of getting the freelancer community to get to know each other and exchange skills, and also create great bonds! I am very grateful to Synergy and his entire team! I can't wait to go back to their events and coworking space! ♥️'
Mariana Massessini – Marketing

'Amazing coworking space where we feel welcomed.❤🍵'
Marta Hipólito – Ceramics – TÄR & ÄRT Ceramic

Victoria Schefer

'Synergy is everything that it is intended to be: a collaborative workspace, with cool people with whom we can exchange ideas, super productive events and an ideal physical space to work from, take our pets and develop our business! I recommend and love working here!❤️'
Vitória Schefer – Marketing

Bianca Andrade

'Synergy is much more than a coworking space. I met amazing people there at different events and opportunities!!!'
Bianca Andrade – Marketing – AB Marketing

'Synergy means creativity, work, effort and conviviality. It means to aspire, to welcome, to give and to receive.
And every soul that passes through there takes with them a little bit of Synergy forever.'

Bruna Ribeiro – Multimedia Student


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