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Synergy is the combination of Inês' and Helder's dream.

Inês Petiz e Helder Vilares do Synergy

Inês: I experienced the hardship of trying to succeed as a freelancer alone, working from home. They were years of indecisions and insecurities, of thinking I wasn't good enough and that I didn't know what I really wanted to do in life. They were wasted years, which led to a lot of demotivation for not having anyone to share the struggle that is putting your ideas into practice, for not having daily contact with motivated people, who fight for what they want and who make stuff happen.

Until the day I decided IT'S ENOUGH! And I decided to leave home, meet people, attend training sessions, share ideas, and try to put them into practice. And that was enough for my life to change RADICALLYand to find two of my biggest passions in COACHING and in TRAINING. For me to, in just over a year, become an internationally certified coach and have my first clients, to be invited to give multimedia training and to have had my own pieces exhibited alongside several other artists's art.

For me, Synergy was born from the need to share with others this philosophy of GETTING THINGS DONE, fighting for what you want, experimenting to discover what that is and, above all, sharing this journey with others, COLLABORATING, exchanging ideas, GROWING TOGETHER.

It's called Synergybecause way before all this, Helderhad already created a forum with this name, where people with complementary ideas could find someone there to help them PUT THEIR IDEAS INTO PRACTICEBecause I knew, from experience, that people often leave projects aside because they have no one push them and encourage them to make them come true, and that EVERYTHING BECOMES EASIER WHEN YOU HAVE A GROUP THAT SUPPORTS YOU.

Helder: For me, the most important thing is to empower and inspire. Show you that YOU ARE ABLE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT and offer you a simpler way to do it.

When we decided to move forward with Synergy, I didn't want the costs of a refurbishment to hinder the implementation of our idea. Therefore, a large part of the renovation of the space was planned and made by me, with the help of friends and family. With almost no experience in the different areas, TOGETHERwe were able to renovate walls, lay floors, set up the lighting, build doors and furniture. The fact that we did it like this makes Synergy more our own and it helps us show our BELIEF IN BEING CAPABLE and thus possibly inspire others to discover the same in different areas.

With Synergy we've been able to combine our desire to bring people together, help them get further, and empower them to put their projects into action. Through a UNITED COMMUNITY, which shares and helps, without hesitation, through EVENTS AND TRAINING where ideas are exchanged, questions are asked and plans are drawn, and with a COWORKING SPACE, where you feel part of a FAMILY, who has meals together, and in which people care about you and are always available to give you a hand.

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  • Comunidade Synergy
  • Comunidade Synergy


We want to help entrepreneurs kickstarting their businesses.

We want to go beyond the concept of a creative space, to DEVELOP AN ENVIRONMENT THAT FACILITATES THE SHARING OF IDEAS,resources and knowledge.
At Synergy we seek to connect you with innovative and professional people from various sectors, with whom you can establish synergies and develop collaborative projects. 🙌

For this we combine a coworking space with events and training, to enhance ideas and connect people. 💡⚙️


THE PURPOSE OF SYNERGY IS TO CONNECT PEOPLE with different and complementary profiles and ideas in an environment of sharing and mutual help, providing a practical space for those who yearn TO TAKE IDEAS OFF THE DRAWING BOARD. We want to build paths that promote personal and professional empowerment, with solutions tailored to the needs of each personhelping to ENHANCE AND DEVELOP DIFFERENT PROJECTS..


SYNERGY, to connect people and ideas
FLEXIBILITY, to do things your WAY
PROACTIVITY, to make your project happen
CREATIVITY, to create or recreate
EMPOWERMENT, to show you that you are capable
COLLABORATION, to create bonds and support people
PERSEVERANCE, so that obstacles become evolution

Inês e Helder do Synergy

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