Family, lunches, dinners and time together

At Synergy we are not a community, we are a second family.

Here we are surrounded by many Portuguese people and people of the most varied nationalities. We have people with us for more than two years, people who spend a year, a few months, weeks or days. And this diversity makes our family even more interesting and ensures that we always have a topic of conversation at our daily lunches.

Almoços no Synergy

Working at Synergy is not just about increasing productivity, but about belonging, exchanging ideas, letting off steam and knowing that we are taken care of. Sandra, our “Mother”, is always attentive to everyone and in addition to lunches, she also takes time to make a special dessert or a birthday cake every now and then.

Sandra, a "mãe do Synergy" com um bolo de aniversário para um coworker.

On the day I write this text, it is pouring and yet, we have more than 35% of coworkers here. One of them just stopped by my table to show me how wet he is and say it was still worth coming here to work a little and have lunch with everyone. And that's so good to hear! 🙂

What's lunch, you're asking? Today it's meatballs with mashed potatoes. Sandra's puree is great, but the conversations at lunch are even better.

Once or twice a month we like to take the social outside or do different events, so we go for a walk, a "francesinha" dinner or other things, we do karaoke, game night, pajama day, we go climbing or whatever we remember to do.

On Saturdays, we share in our WhatsApp group the best thing that happened to us during the week and something we are struggling with. Thus, we practice gratitude and get to know each other better, supporting and helping each other.

Belonging to Synergy is about this. If you want to join the family, send us an email at hello@synergy-porto.com.


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