Video recording studio

Do you have a podcast, YouTube channel and/or want to record a video course or launch it online and are looking for a quality result without the headaches, so you can focus on what you do best, your content?

So you don't have to divide your attention between your content and seeing if the cameras are filming, if they have the right framing, if the lighting is good, if memory cards are full, if battery has run out, if Internet connection has not failed, if the microphone is picking up well, if if if…

In our video studio you have a specialized professional to give you all the technical support when recording your videos.

A customizable background, which will raise the quality perception of your products in the eyes of your followers and customers.

And quality video and sound recording equipment so that the videos don't look amateurish and convey your skills, without noise or distractions.

Here you can record fluidly, alone or with guests, with or without live streaming, you speak and we take care of the rest for you.

The studio in action

Millena Nobrega no Estúdio de Vídeo do Synergy

Millena Nóbrega – Lançamento ao vivo

Dinheiro Limpo – gravação de curso online

The equipment

Sony A7C Camera – full frame up to 4K 25 fps
Sony Lens: 24-70mm f4 - stabilized
Sigma Lens: 24mm f1.4
Insta360 link Camera 4K with live face tracking up to 4K 30 fps f1.8 26mm HDR support in 1080p
Nikon D3200 Camera - up to FHD 30 fps
Nikon Lens: 50mm f1.8
2 LED Softbox with color filter 51,1 x 71 cm, intensity regulation (48 W) and temperature (3200 – 5600 K), with remote control
ilumination tripods
1 tripé de mesa para telemóvel
cameras tripods
1 microphone Blue Yeti
4 Rhode PodMic
Mixer/Interface TASCAM Mixcast 4
decorative lights
video light RGB/w/ww and effects
1 ringlight 48cm diameter with intensity and temperature regulation (3200 – 5600 K)
video LED light with barn doors, temperature control (3200 – 5600 K), intensity regulation and remote control

How to make a reservation

  • A prior visit is necessary or, if this is not possible, a video call to define the scene, cameras, framing and lighting, in order to guarantee good final quality.
  • The minimum advance notice for any reservation is 48 hours.
  • The backdrop MUST be personalized with the client's props, to fit as closely as possible with their brand image.
  • For recordings after 7pm and on weekends, there is a fee of €40 + VAT (€49.20) per day.

To make a reservation, just send an email to hello@synergy-porto.com indicating what you want to record, how much time you need and the best days and hours. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We don't do video editing, but we can recommend partners.

What's included

  • Cameras (only used by our technician)
  • Technical support provided by a professional
  • Studio with base set (customizable with customer props)
  • Light and sound recording equipment
  • 6 sessions contracts have 10% discount

2 hours pack: €120 + VAT (€147,60)


Contact us

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