That's it, that's enough!

No more postponing, denying, no more pretending. Postponing what makes us happy, denying the chance to do something meaningful, pretending we're motivated to do things we're not passionate about. In exchange for what, anyway?! Security? It's not safe if we can get fired at any time. It is not safe if all our income comes solely from the same source. It's not safe if the money barely lasts until the end of the month. We don't want this security!

We want the security of knowing that we are working on something we believe in!

The security of knowing that we will wake up in the morning wanting to get out of bed and work on something that makes us feel accomplished! The security of knowing that we are living our lives, creating our own path, instead of going along the paths that have been built and treaded countless times by others.

We want to make a difference!

And for us, to make a difference is to build an environment conducive to change and to the realization of dreams and personal projects which become businesses. It's about people with grit, who fight every day for their goals.

The best reward is to meet incredibly creative people every day, with distinct and extraordinary life paths, who enrich us with their experiences and make us want to continue, even when circumstances are challenging.

That is the power of our community: it believes in us and makes us believe that anything is possible and we believe and work towards it.

And the world needs you to believe too! The world is full of unhappy people, people who feel an obligation to go to work day after day, people who live for holidays and retirement.

The world needs people with will power, people with the courage to do what they believe in, people who want to change and who actually change and who help others change as well.
The world needs you!

Give yourself permission to succeed!

You don't need more time, more courses, more money, or more 'thinking about it'. You just need to decide now that you're going to start and that you're going to keep going every day, no matter what. 

Choose to do something meaningful and share it with the world!

Because the more people believe in you and make that choice, the more people will be inspired and gain confidence to do the same. The more people who join this movement, the more we will be surrounded by people who are motivated and enthusiastic about what they are doing,and we need that enthusiasm to achieve better solutions, better products and services, and above all, we need that enthusiasm to fight the marasmus, inertia, doubt and criticism that prevent people from acting and fighting for what they believe in!

That's it, that's enough!

Are you going to join this movement?


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